Sustainability Matters

Helping to make a resource last forever.

Plentiful Through the Ages

As a Business

Whether in the seafood business or any other industry, the term “sustainability” is a vital part of your business plan; financial sustainability is essential if the business is to thrive. But what about the products that you sell? What if the seafood your customer has come to rely upon from you isn’t available in the quantities you are used to carrying? Your business cannot thrive without sustainable seafood. Studies show consumers increasingly care about the source and sustainability of their seafood. By sourcing responsibly and being transparent about your purchasing with your customers, you instill faith in your business practices and gain loyalty. Get involved in seafood sustainability.

As a Consumer

People who enjoy consuming seafood have a particular interest in making sure that it’s available to eat, today or in fifty years. When you purchase seafood, the money that you spend directly funds the efforts of the people who work to catch and process the fish or shellfish you’re putting on your table. The system is a little like voting; your money is your ballot, and when you use your money to purchase sustainable seafood, you’re voting for seafood that’s guaranteed to be available for future use. If you choose to order something off a menu at a restaurant that features sustainably caught seafood, you’re voting for the people at that restaurant to continue purchasing sustainable seafood. As a consumer, you have an opportunity to influence the availability of seafood for you and everyone else who enjoys the delicious food from our oceans. Learn more about sustainable seafood at one of our events.

As a Member

As a member of the fishing industry, whether you are a harvester, processor, dealer, retailer, or restaurateur, sustainability is vital to your way of life. By safeguarding your fishery’s resources, you are ensuring the stability of your livelihood throughout your lifetime as well as for future generation. As harvesters, by fishing responsibly and sharing your knowledge of fisheries with management agencies, you help develop effective management strategies. As processors, by only accepting products that comply with regulations, and communicating that you source from a responsible fishery, you help control the quality of products that move through the supply chain. Ultimately, this leads to greater market potential, higher demand, and increased profits for higher value products. As suppliers, retailers and restaurateurs, you can support and reward the efforts made by responsibly managed fisheries by showcasing their products in your stores. You drive the demand for sustainable products and raise the standard of the entire industry. By carrying sustainably sourced seafood, you increase your product options and gain loyalty of customers who are increasingly choosing seafood based on its sustainability. Fisheries resources are renewable, but they are not infinite. By bringing all parties of the industry together with a goal towards sustainability, everyone will profit and the rich fishing culture of the Gulf of Mexico will continue to thrive. Get involved in sustainability in your fishery.

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