What Is Sustainability?

Making sure Gulf seafood is available to eat, today and in the future.



A resource is considered sustainable when, through thoughtful practices, it is sure to be available for use in the future. When it comes to the bountiful seafood of our Gulf of Mexico waters, sustainability is complex and involves many tiers. It means taking care to never harvest more than can be replaced; ensuring that the environment and ecosystems that support the fisheries stay healthy and remain able to do so; and ensuring that those who rely on fisheries for a living are able to provide for their families. A sustainable fishery ensures the livelihoods of those who depend on the Gulf’s aquatic resources by safeguarding everything needed for fish to survive and thrive.

Why does sustainability matter?

Audubon G.U.L.F.’s Role

The Audubon G.U.L.F. team is furthering sustainability efforts in the region through our programs across the coast. Each project is designed to fit the specific needs of Gulf fisheries through tailored plans that work toward positive change.



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