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Texas Blue Crab Stock Status

Based on the most recent regional assessment conducted in 2013 by GSMFC, there are currently two recognized stocks of blue crab in the Gulf of Mexico. The Western Gulf of Mexico (Western GOM) stock occurs from central Texas to Apalachicola Bay in Florida. The Eastern Gulf of Mexico (Eastern GOM) stock in Florida is found from Apalachee to the Florida Keys (VanderKooy 2013).

The Western GOM stock, which includes the Texas blue crab fishery, is currently not overfished and not experiencing overfishing. The Gulf Data, Assessment and Review stock assessment of blue crab (GDAR01) states that, while not at an overfished level, the Western GOM stock is in a “depressed state.” The GSMFC 2015 regional blue crab fishery management plan (FMP) recommends close monitoring of the fishery in light of trends towards lower abundance, perhaps due to changes in hydrological cycles, but states that current abundance is adequate to maintain the fishery (Perry and VanderKooy 2015).

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