Industry Recommendation 2: Increased training and education programs for industry.


Interviews with both management and industry raised concerns about professionalism, safety, and accurate reporting on trip tickets. Texas Sea Grant, through their work with fishermen along the Texas Coast, is an organization with the ability to coordinate training to better prepare people for the commercial fishing industry. While independent communities and organizations such as the Port Arthur Area Shrimper’ Association and Port Arthur International Seafarer’s Center host trainings and seminars, involving Sea Grant gives the opportunity for trainings to become coast-wide.

Commercial fishing is a hazardous occupation, and safety courses would serve fishermen well by giving them additional information to decrease the likelihood of accident or injury and properly deal with hazardous situations.

During interviews conducted by G.U.L.F. in every Gulf State, industry members have praised Sea Grant’s ability to educate fishermen on improving product and updating them on innovative tech­niques within the fishery. In Florida, one fisherman said that a training session on shedding crabs by Florida Sea Grant completely changed and improved his business. Louisiana Sea Grant has exten­sively researched improving the quality of blue crabs through reduced handling and refrigeration and presented this information to fishermen trainings across the state. Similar programs and train­ings could be instituted for Texas blue crab fishermen to improve the quality of the product.

Part of TPWD’s data collection on fisheries is through trip tickets. Management and industry in­terviews raised concerns that trip tickets may not be filled out completely or accurately, thereby impacting the data TWPD is using to make decisions regarding the fishery. The consensus among interviewees is this inaccurate reporting by the industry is largely unintentional. TPWD does have a small team dedicated to collecting and verifying trip ticket information; however, staffing is limited and a large portion of time is spent correcting and verifying incomplete information on submitted forms. Increased information and trainings could reduce the likelihood of incomplete or inaccurate trip tickets. Support from an industry group or Sea Grant could assist TPWD in training and collecting more accurate trip ticket information.


1. Sea Grant continues to collaborate with blue crab industry.
2. Sea Grant/industry grouls host safety education trainings.
3. Conduct training on quality and handling of product.
4. Assist with trip ticket training for fishermen and dealers.

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