Texas Blue Crab MAP Participants

Participating Stakeholders

Richard Howlett – Owner J & R Seafood, Rockport, TX
Nikki Tran – blue crab dealer, Port Arthur, TX
Terrie Looney – Texas Sea Grant
Roger Van Dyke – Owner Gulf Harvest Seafood



April 2, 2015:
Participating stakeholders. Dickenson, TX
February 25, 2015:
Blue crab dealer. Port Arthur, TX
February 20, 2015:
Jefferson and Chambers counties Texas Sea Grant Extension Agent. Port Arthur, TX
August 21, 2014:
Data collection with TPWD. Dickenson, TX
August 20, 2014:
Observed public hearing for Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. Houston, TX
June 30 & July 1, 2014:
Presented at blue crab enhancement meetings with TPWD to industry. Rockport and Seadrift, TX.
June 11, 2014:
Blue crab industry members. Seadrift, TX
June 10 & 11, 2014:
Initial meetings with Texas Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Dickenson and Rockport, TX
June 9, 2014:
Blue crab industry member. San Leon, TX.


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