Louisiana Blue Crab

G.U.L.F. Responsible Fisheries Management Certified

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Fourth Surveillance Audit & Reassessment – 4.30.21

Reassessment Report

Fourth Surveillance Report

Notice of Fourth Surveillance Audit & Reassessment and Team

Peer Review Announcement

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Third Surveillance Audit – 1.28.20

Third Surveillance Report

Notice of Third Surveillance Audit and Audit Team


Second Surveillance Audit – 2.15.19

Second Surveillance Report

Notice of Second Surveillance Audit and Audit Team


First Surveillance Audit – 2.13.18

First Surveillance Report

Notice of First Surveillance Audit Team

Notice of First Surveillance Audit


Fishery Certified – 10.20.2016

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Final Report Summary

Full Assessment Report 

Notice of Peer Review Team Nomination

Site Visit Announcement

Assessment Team Announcement

Application for Assessment

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