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State Management

State Management

ADCNR is the state agency charged with management of the shrimp fishery in Alabama waters and manages the fishery separately, but consistent with, federal management. A Conservation Advisory Board, consisting of 10 governor-appointed members for six year terms, the Governor, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, and the Director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension system,  assists in formulating policies for the Department of Conservation, examines all rules and regulations,  and makes recommendations for their change or amendment. The Board also assists in publicizing the Department’s programs and activities. ADCNR representatives sit on the GMFMC and associated scientific and advisory panels, and participate in research activities.

History of Management Changes

1931 – Required license for use of seins, trawls, and othe devices. Established license fee up to $37.50 per trawl.

1936 – License for hauling by botor vehicle and for transporting shrimp and oysters.

1939 – Minimum shrimp weight requirement 40-50 shrimp per pound head on, 68-75 head off.

1947 – Catching bait for shirmp permitted

1981 – Created license for live salwater bait dealer, described requirements including baskets as a measure. Repealed multible other requirements and consolidated.

1988 – License for boat used for taking or carrying shrimp created current lcense to issue lecnse by size of vessel and describe recreational and commercial

1994 – Amendment that described and defined cork line and change from 25lbs of shrimp recreationally to 5 gallons.

2015 – Amendment that removed the 68 count law and closed all inside waters May 1 and open June 1 each year. Also put in place a fall seasonal closure along the eastern shore.


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