Alabama Shrimp Actions

ACTION 1: Gear tuning.

Compliance with TED and BRD regulations requires ongoing maintenance to ensure that bycatch is minimized. Participants agree to work with harvesters and docks to ensure that BRDs and TEDs are properly tuned through regular courtesy checks (at least annually) by Texas Sea Grant and/or NOAA Gear Monitoring Team. Documentation of gear inspections will be maintained by participants.

ACTION 2: Tow the Time Campaign

generic sticker layoutG.U.L.F. and Louisiana Sea Grant developed outreach materials to increase awareness and compliance with current tow time regulations for skimmer trawls. Participants agree to work with skimmer vessel captains to ensure that tow times are strictly adhered to unless skimmer nets have TEDs installed. Information about Tow the Time Campaign can be found at

ACTION 3: Collect Bycatch Information

G.U.L.F. has developed a survey for shrimp fishermen to fill out in order to capture more information about bycatch in the shirmp fishery and voluntary use of bycatch reduction devices. Participants agree to distribute surveys to fishermen or boat owners they source from when appropriate. G.U.L.F. will keep the identity of those who take the survey anonymous.

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