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Species of Concern

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Diamondback terrapin

Diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) share some habitat with blue crabs, and concerns have been raised by environmental groups over incidental catch and mortality of terrapins in blue crab traps. There are several subspecies of terrapin across its range, which extends along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. ADCNR representatives, through the GSMFC Crab subcommittee, are working with the Gulf Coast Region Diamondback Terrapin Working Group, to discuss potential management options for reducing diamondback terrapins mortality in crab traps and a meeting between the two groups occurred in February of 2015. The Diamondback Terrain Working Group is also working with the blue crab industry and managers across the Gulf of Mexico to address concerns of terrapin interactions and mortality in blue crab traps (Diamondback Terrain Working Group). Cedar Point marsh has been recognized as a primary nesting area in Alabama, and in 2012, ADCNR created an area closure preventing the use of traps to prevent interactions between diamondback terrapins and blue crab traps (Ala. Admin. Code, r. 220-3.31 Crabs).

Marine mammals

NOAA’s Office of Protected Resources considers the Gulf of Mexico blue crab fishery as a Category III (remote likelihood/no known) threat based on the level of interaction with marine mammals (NOAA Office of Protected Resources).


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