The Gulf Fish Info website.

finfo-siteFINFO is as a one-stop-shop for the information you need to be confident that U.S. Gulf of Mexico seafood is harvested from sustainable fisheries.

FINFO demonstrates the sustainability of Gulf fisheries through education. The site gathers information from experts across the Gulf and puts easy to understand, science-based facts about Gulf fisheries at your fingertips. FINFO profiles top Gulf seafood species, covering everything from basics about species biology and habitat to how fisheries operate and how we ensure they operate sustainably.

By making this complex information easily accessible, FINFO helps seafood buyers appreciate the unique environment of the Gulf and understand the science and management behind sustaining the Gulf’s fisheries resources and the benefits they provide. You already know Gulf seafood for its taste and quality. Empowered with the information on FINFO, you’ll know Gulf seafood is sustainable, too.

FINFO was created and is maintained by the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission and the fisheries management agencies from each of the five Gulf states (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida), with support from federal partners at NOAA Fisheries.

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