Benefits and involvement in the Gulf fisheries industry.


How to get involved:

Sustainable fisheries benefit everyone, especially the industry-members who rely on seafood for their livelihood. Every level of industry can be involved with G.U.L.F. and work with us to advance our fisheries to greater sustainability.
1. Attend a public meeting. G.U.L.F. hosts and attends meetings to stay up-to-date on the latest in Gulf fisheries’ management. We also host meetings for industry members to discuss sustainability projects and other issues. Attend a meeting so your voice can be heard. View a list of upcoming meetings.
2. Sign a letter of support. This letter is a non-binding agreement that expresses your interest and support in G.U.L.F.’s work. These are tailored toward our Marine Advancement Plans and can be signed by anyone. This level of involvement only requires a signature only and no investment of time from you. Download the letter of support.
3. Participate in a MAP Committee. The next level of involvement is active participation in a MAP. Being a committee member requires some time investment in the form of collaborating and speaking with the G.U.L.F. team, governing agencies, other members of your industry, and our subcontractors. If you are interested in serving on one of our MAP committees, contact us.
4. Join the Restaurant Program. Are you a restaurateur or chef that serves Gulf seafood in your restaurant? G.U.L.F.’s Restaurant Program actively works with chefs and waitstaff to incorporate sustainability in your business’s messaging. Think of us as sustainability consultants. For more information, visit our Restaurant Program page or contact us.
5. Certify your fishery. G.U.L.F. is currently developing a new standard for sustainability certification. This new standard is tailored for Gulf of Mexico fisheries. For more information about the standard, certification process, or how to certify your fishery, contact us.


This is how it will benefit you:
The fishing industry in the Gulf of Mexico has a rich history, and ultimately it is G.U.L.F.’s goal to be your champion. We understand the complexities of fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and that there are pressures on your livelihood from many different angles. We are here to help you address pressures from retailers and restaurants who are increasingly demanding sustainably sourced seafood. To keep the industry competitive in a changing market, we want to promote the sustainability of our fisheries and preserve a way of life that has been a part of your family, in many instances, for generations.
By getting involved in a Marine Advancement Plan, you can be the voice of your fishery. The more involvement we have from each level of the industry, the more comprehensive the plan can be and the better it can serve you. We want you to keep your livelihood in a changing world.


This is how it will benefit you:
As a processor of seafood, you are a key link in the chain of obtaining greater regional sustainability. As purchasers and marketers of local seafood, being involved in a Marine Advancement Plan is a way to showcase further involvement and investment into the community you support with jobs and product.
By supporting seafood that comes from fisheries involved in MAP activities, you are positioning yourself to supply to the increasingly stringent demands of an industry that expects sustainability.
As some of the largest retailers in the country now require the seafood they purchase to be involved in sustainability efforts, association with a MAP is a smart business move that positions your company to move forward, with the assistance and backing of a trusted regional group.

Distributor / Dealer

This is how it will benefit you:
We are fortunate to reside in a region that loves to consume what it produces. In fact, the majority of seafood that comes from our waters stays close to home, meaning many local businesses are dependent upon a thriving Gulf ecosystem in order to remain viable. By engaging in a Marine Advancement Plan, you’re working to not only ensure the sustainability of the seafood that so much of our Gulf community enjoys, but also the sustainability of the economy, culture and heritage that are supported by it.
Involving yourself in a MAP not only offers security in your existing markets, but also has the potential to open up new markets for distribution. Many retailers are looking for assurance that the seafood they purchase comes from a fishery that is on the path to long term sustainability. By signing onto a G.U.L.F. MAP, you’ll be demonstrating to buyers that the Gulf seafood industry is committed to the stewardship of it’s most important resource.

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