Chef Cory Bahr

Heritage BBQ & Catering

Cory BahrCory is a culinary and economic leader here in Louisiana, and deeply involved in the conservation of his beloved South. His newest project is Heritage BBQ & Catering, an inventive take on classic Southern dishes utilizing live fire cooking that infuses all the flavors, technique and heritage of his beloved Delta region. He is a spokesman for the 2016 Louisiana Tourism Culinary campaign, a director of the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association, and the only non-New Orleans chef serving on the Audubon Nature Institute’s Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries Chef Council.  He is also a spokesman for NOLA Tree Project’s #GreauxHealthyKids campaign and a passionate proponent for access to fresh, healthy food for all children. Honoring everything that’s important in his South — community, culture, and culinary heritage — Cory presents honest dishes with a strong sense of place, for which he has earned a national recognition.

In 2017, Cory was a fan favorite and finalist on Food Network Star. He’s been recognized as Food & Wine’s ‘People’s Best New Chef’ in America 2015, Food & Wine’s ‘People’s Best New Chef’ Gulf Coast 2014, Taste of the South “Taste 50” [2015], Food Network’s Chopped! Champion [2012], King of Louisiana Seafood [2011], and Louisiana Cookin’ magazine’s ‘Chef to Watch’ [2011].

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