Chef Brian Landry

QED Hospitality

Brian LandryBrian Landry is a New Orleans native, passionate chef, supporter of regional foodways, and dedicated conservationist of Gulf seafood. His passion for local seafood began in childhood, the result of frequent and enjoyable family fishing trips. Being on the water surrounding New Orleans has always been part of Brian’s life– with uncles and cousins who were avid outdoorsmen, the Landrys would take regular family fishing trips. His earliest memories of food in New Orleans are large family gatherings, featuring over-sized pots of gumbo and jambalaya. Now, Brian pays homage to Louisiana’s coastal, indigenous cuisine by cooking with the freshest local ingredients. Previously, Brian worked as head chef and spokesperson for the Louisiana Seafood Board, and spent five years as the executive chef at the New Orleans institution Galatoire’s where he was frequently recognized for his creative talent and cuisine and represented the restaurant on the Today Show and ESPN. In 2011 he opened his own restaurant, Borgne, a CBD seafood hotspot that celebrates the richness of Louisiana’s waterways. As Chef/Owner of QED, Brian oversees all operations and the expansion of the brand with business partner Emery Whalen. Brian lives in New Orleans with his wife and three children.

● Louisiana Cookin’ magazine: Chefs to Watch award winner, 2009.
● New Orleans CityBusiness: Culinary Connoisseurs “Best Executive Chef” 2008 and 2009

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