G.U.L.F. Chef Council

Culinary leaders in the New Orleans area.

The G.U.L.F. Chef Council is made up of culinary leaders in the New Orleans restaurant community. These chefs commit to one year on the council, promotional events with G.U.L.F. and bi-annual updates on the program.

Flynn Tenney
Chef Tenney Flynn, Chef Council Chair

During the past thirteen years of co-owning legendary New Orleans fine dining seafood restaurant GW Fins with co-owner Gary Wollerman, Executive Chef Tenney Flynn has become known as one of the country’s foremost seafood experts, as well as a vocal enthusiast for the bounty of seafood that is available in the Gulf. Chef Flynn is known throughout the region for his stringent seafood approval process for GW Fins, and is, as the Wall Street Journal has referred to him “widely acknowledged as the fishmonger czar of the Gulf region.”
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Cory Bahr
Chef Cory Bahr

Cory is a culinary and economic leader here in Louisiana, and deeply involved in the conservation of his beloved South. His newest project is Heritage BBQ & Catering, an inventive take on classic Southern dishes utilizing live fire cooking that infuses all the flavors, technique and heritage of his beloved Delta region.
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Alan Ehrich
Chef Alan Ehrich

Chef Alan has been Audubon’s Executive Chef for the past 15 years, leading the culinary team for Audubon’s Private Events at the Tea Room, Aquarium, and Zoo. Recently, the American Culinary Federation of Louisiana named him one of Louisiana’s Top 20 Chefs. While studying in Switzerland, he visited a variety of European countries and their respective kitchens.
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Kristen Essig
Chef Kristen Essig

Kristen Essig was born and raised in Florida. After graduating from the Johnson & Wales Culinary School in 1998, Kristen worked with James Beard award winning chefs, Chef Frank Lee of Slightly North of Broad and Chef Louis Osteen of Louis’ Charleston Grill. Seventeen years ago, Kristen made New Orleans her home, kicking off her Crescent City culinary career with Chef Emeril Lagasse at Emeril’s, followed by a four-year turn with Chef and mentor Anne Kearney at the famed New Orleans Restaurant, Peristyle.
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Chef Dana Honn

Dana grew up working in his family’s Mexican restaurant, where he was in the kitchen as a prep and line cook by the age of 11. After his parents sold the business to the city’s mayor, he continued working in restaurants while studying for his degree in music composition, with a minor in Indian (South Asian) studies. Following graduation, he moved to Brazil where he taught instrumental music, drama and musical theater in an International high school.
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Chef Alex Harrell

Alex Harrell pairs his lifelong experience with seasonal and accessible products with his classical technical skills in the kitchen at Angeline. Hailing from southeastern Alabama, Harrell spent his childhood weekends on his grandparents’ Gulf Coast farm digging potatoes and picking fresh
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Brian Landry
Chef Brian Landry

Brian Landry is a New Orleans native, passionate chef, supporter of regional foodways, and dedicated conservationist of Gulf seafood. His passion for local seafood began in childhood, the result of frequent and enjoyable family fishing trips. Being on the water surrounding New Orleans has always been part of Brian’s life– with uncles and cousins who were avid outdoorsmen, the Landrys would take regular family fishing trips.
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Christopher Lynch
Chef Christopher Lynch

Christopher Lynch started in the kitchen at a young age. His passions and curiosity were spurred while watching and helping his grandmother from the time he was a small boy. He lovingly describes his launch into the culinary arts as driven by the ambitious and adventurous cooking of his grandmother.
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Ryan Prewitt
Chef Ryan Prewitt

Ryan Prewitt began his culinary career in the farmer’s markets of San Francisco, where a burgeoning interest in food developed into a full-blown career. After spending time working for Alicia Jenish at Le Petite Robert, he moved to New Orleans to work with Chef Donald Link at Herbsaint. Ryan proved to be a quick study under Link’s tutelage and became Chef de Cuisine in 2009. He subsequently moved on to oversee culinary operations at Link Restaurant Group as Executive Chef for the company.
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Susan Spicer
Chef Susan Spicer

Susan Spicer is chef/owner of Bayona and Mondo restaurants and Wild Flour Breads. She has been cooking in New Orleans for thirty-three years and has received numerous culinary awards, including James Beard’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America. She is a member of the Fellowship of Southern Artisans, Farmers and Chefs, as well as Chefs Collaborative and is active in many community events and fundraisers.
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