State Management – TX Shrimp

State Management

State Management

The Texas shrimp fishery, which is fished within Texas state territorial waters and federal waters, is managed by Texas state legislature and associated regulatory bodies, including the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission (TPWC), and TPWD. TPWC sets regulations on methods, means of take, and catch limits. Legislature sets fees and license structure, as well as standards for management. TPWD is the administrative arm that carries out management tasks. Members of TPWD, as well as members from the management agencies of the other four Gulf States, collaborate regularly through the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission and GMFMC.

Brief History of Management Changes

1930 – Texas Legislature enacted 5 ½ inch minimum size limit, shrimping closure in May-July,  and maximum trawl width of 10ft.
1959 – Shrimp Conservation Act of 1959 attempts to better allocate resources between Gulf,  bay, and bait shrimpers.
1985 – Authority for managing shrimp shifted from Texas Legislature to TPWD.
1989 – Shrimp FMP adopted by TPWC.
1990 – Revised period of seasonal closure in Gulf waters from June 1 to July 15, to May 15 to July 15.
1995 – First bay and bait vessel license entry program via a license buyback program.
2000 – License fee increase for commercial and recreational fishermen.

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