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State Management

State Management

MDMR is the state agency charged with management of the shrimp fishery in Mississippi waters and manages the fishery separately, but consistent with, federal management. MDMR representatives sit on GMFMC and associated scientific and advisory panels, and participate in research activities.

MDMR is “dedicated to enhancing, protecting and conserving marine interests of the state by managing all marine life, public trust wetlands, adjacent uplands and waterfront areas to provide for optimal commercial, recreational, educational, and economic uses of these resources consistent with environmental concerns and social changes” (MDMR). The Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources (MCMR) “regulates all matters pertaining to all saltwater aquatic life and marine resources, ” (Mississippi Code § 49-3-3). MDMR is the arm that manages, controls, supervises,  enforces and directs any matters pertaining to saltwater aquatic life and marine resources under the jurisdiction of MCMR.

History of Management Changes

1991 – The use of saltboxes banned in Mississippi. A saltbox is defind as “any container or similar device in which the specific gravity or density of the water is increased by the addition of salt or other substance to aid in separating the shrimp from the bycatch”.

1992 – Changed the definition of saltbox to “saltbox shall mean any container or similar device in which the salinity is greater than one hundred (100) parts per thousand and is used to aid in separating the shrimp from the bycatch”.

1995 – The use of a bib, tongue, or any like device beween Habuary 1 through third Monday in August. It became unlawful to recreationally tawl within Gulf Island National Seashore boundaries of Petit Bois, Horn, and Ship Islands

1996 – Added defintitions for push trawl, skimmer trawl, and wing net, established a maximum size for the frame for all skimmer trawls and wing nets (16 feet horizontally and 12 feet vertically), and established a 32-foot maximum footrope length for skimmer and wing nets. THe maximum size frame was removed later that year and a new section established a maximum size for skimmer nets, wing nets. butterfly nets or any like contrivance of 25 feet on the head-rope and 32 feed on the foot-rope. Definition for Siamese trawl was added and a maximum size of 25 feet on the head-rope and 32 feed on the foot-rope. Siamese trawls were excluded from the January 1 through third Monday in August bib net restriction. Use of a Siamese trawl during this time period required the attachment of a line to the center head-rope of the tongue or bib that doesn’t exceed 36″.

1997 – Eliminated requirement that required between January 1 and the third Monday in August that all skimmer trawls, wing nets (butterfly nets), Siamese trawls or any like contrivance nets must be attached no more than 36” up the frame, measured from the bottom most point of attachment.

1998 – Prohibition of use of bibs, tongue, or any like contrivance (except in Siamese trawls) between January on and third Monday of August eliminated.

2001 – A maximum size for trawl doors of 6′ x’ 34″ on double rig trawls used north of the COLREGS line (barrier islands).

2007 – Updated Changes: All Seventeen (17) of the remaining Ordinances have been updated to meet the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act (i.e. Titles and Parts) No substantive changes have been made; only formatting changes have been made.

2008 – Updated trawl door size to a maximum measurement of 2, 448 square inches; however, if the trawl door is not configured in the standard rectangle measuring 6 feet in length and 34 inches in height, the total area of the trawl door must be verified, approved, documented and tagged by the MDMR Shrimp and Crab Bureau.

2011 – Changed trawl door size requirement, to 8 feet by 43 inches to be consistent with Louisiana and help shrimpers who often cross state lines to harvest.

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