Mississippi MAP Progress

Progress on Actions

Date Activity # Action
April 2016 #2 Distributed Tow Time Stickers to MSCFU board for distribution to members.
August 2016 - M&M/Biloxi Freezing joined Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Gulf of Mexico Supplier Roundtable
December 2016 #3 Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources met to vote on establishment of Mississippi Shrimp Task Force. Motion did not carry.
December 2016 #2 NOAA published a Draft EIS and proposed rule to eliminate tow times and require TEDs in skimmer trawls as well as pusher-head nets and butterfly trawls. MAP Committee members will continue to courage tow time compliance until new rule is finalized.
January 2017 - Committee meeting to update Action Plan.
January 2017 #3 Currently there is a lack of interest from the Mississippi Commission on Marine Resourced to form a shrimp task force. Participatns determined that base path forward is to engage the Commission informally and update them on progress of the project. The MAP Committee will support the formation of an industry task force should the need arise in the future.
January 2017 #2 Participants attended NOAA Scoping meetings on proposed rule for TEDs in skimmers.
February 2017 #2 Participants coordinated an educational workshop for industry members to further discuss the proposed rule and solicit public comment from industry.

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