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Other Actions

Date Activity # Action
September 2015 #3 Participants requested that the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force provide funding to update the Louisiana shrimp MSC Pre-assessment. Funds were awarded.
January 2016 #1 Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approves a Notice of Intent (NOI) to adopt regulations requiring TEDs in otter trawls in state waters. LDWF NOI to adopt TED regulations into state law.
February 2016 #3 Louisiana Shrimp Task Force approved the MSC pre-assessment for release. Report was provided to participants.
March 2016 - Meeting in Boston with Shrimp Roundtable- decide on actions for Roundtable for 2016.
April 2016 - A Statement of Work from Shrimp Roundtable with two actions (ecosystem and observer coverage) was agreed upon by all participants and posted.
May 2016 #1 Gear evaluation in Dulac.
July 2016 #3 Third party certification body selected to complete scoping document based on MSC pre-assessment.
July 2016 #1 TED requirements as state law go into effect. Title 76 (updated July 2016).
July 2016 #1 Gear evaluation in Dulac.
August 2016 - A letter was sent to Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council regarding implementation of Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management in the Gulf (lead-Big Easy).
August 2016 #4 A letter was sent to the NOAA Observer Program (lead- Woods Fisheries) requesting a statistical analysis of observer program coverage for the Gulf of Mexico shrimp fleet.
August 2016 #2 Attended five industry meetings to distribute tow time decals across coastal Louisiana.
September 2016 - New Orleans FIsh House joins as FIP participant.
November 2016 #1 Gear evaluation in Dulac.
November 2016 #3 Scoping Document completed.
January 2017 #1 Gear evaluation in Brownsville.


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