Current Initiatives

Committed to sustainability.

G.U.L.F. is committed to the sustainable fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico. All of our initiatives aim to achieve the same goal: demonstrate the responsible management and sustainable harvest of the marine resources here that so many rely upon for food and to make a living. As retailers, restaurants, and consumers increasingly ask for proof of sustainability with their seafood, G.U.L.F. provides two avenues for fisheries across the Gulf States to meet these demands.

Third-Party Certification

G.U.L.F. is proud to have developed the G.U.L.F. Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification against which U.S. Gulf of Mexico fisheries can be assessed. Based on internationally agreed guidelines developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the G.U.L.F. RFM Certification provides formal assurance to retailers and consumers that products from the fishery meet robust sustainability standards.
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G.U.L.F. RFM Certification

Restaurant Program

G.U.L.F. works with chefs and restaurants across Louisiana. We offer guidance in purchasing sustainable seafood and front-of-house training to wait staff so they can impart the importance of sustainability to guests. Currently, G.U.L.F. has 10 chefs on our Chef Council and 30 Restaurant Partners.
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Fishery Improvement Projects

Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) are an additional market-accepted tool in the sustainability tool-box. FIPs are not a certification, but a thorough assessment of a fishery compared to the same international standards on which many certification schemes are based. G.U.L.F. created Marine Advancement Plans, which are a type of FIP, tailored to the FAO Code of Conduct and to the fisheries of our region. By going through a MAP, areas of improvement are identified and G.U.L.F. works with management and industry to determine actions that address these gaps.
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Outreach and Education

Outreach and Education is one of G.U.L.F.’s priorities. Through industry engagement and consumer education, we strive to build a more stable and confident seafood industry and a community that is invested in their Gulf fisheries. G.U.L.F. attends Task Force Meetings, seafood trade shows, festivals, and other events to spread the message of the sustainability of Gulf of Mexico Fisheries.


Audubon G.U.L.F. is excited to partner with FishChoice in an effort to advance seafood sustainability in fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and the businesses that source from them.

Founded in 2008, FishChoice, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit that creates online tools that power progress on seafood sustainability by giving thousands of businesses the information they need to turn sustainability commitments into action. is an interactive platform designed to meet businesses wherever they’re at on their sustainability journey. Whether a business is looking to learn the basics of seafood sustainability, create a sustainability commitment, track the sustainability status of their products, or source sustainable options, has tools and resources to help meet those needs.

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