News Roundup 1/9/2015

1.  Louisiana considers “Catch and Cook” Program. (more)

2.  Expanding U.S. aquaculture to the open ocean. (more)

3.  Off-bottom oyster farming launched in Grand Isle waters. (more)

4.  Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan to deliver keynote at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in New Orleans. (more)

Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries in 2014: A Year in Review

2014 was an incredible year for G.U.L.F.! We made huge strides, and look forward to continuing to unite the Gulf seafood industry in 2015. Here are some of our biggest accomplishments from the past year:

1. Start of Marine Advancement Plans

The start of 2014 marked the launch of our Marine Advancement Plan (MAP) project. MAPs are a tool to communicate the sustainability of Gulf fisheries to retailers, restaurants, or other businesses who want to know detailed information about the sustainability and management of Gulf State fisheries. In addition, MAPs will also identify areas within state management where advancements can be made to be consistent with an international standard of sustainability, Food and Agriculture Organization Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries Management. We are currently working on six MAPs.




Texas Blue Crab

Texas Shrimp

Mississippi Blue Crab

Alabama Blue Crab

Florida Stone Crab

Florida Blue Crab





2. Launch of

screen shot web home page

In March, we debuted our new website. Designed as a tool to educate businesses and consumers about sustainability and Gulf fisheries, houses details about our work, species information, and the latest news and events pertaining to Gulf seafood. Check in regularly for updates on our projects.

3. Outreach and Industry EngagementAudubon G.U.L.F. Outreach 05

G.U.L.F. is a regional program dedicated to the sustainability of state fisheries across the Gulf Coast. It is our goal to do outreach and education, as well as industry engagement, across all five Gulf States. We were incredibly busy in 2014 to achieve this goal, and have been successful. At festivals and outreach events, we encourage consumers to support local, domestic Gulf seafood for its unique taste, high quality, and rigorous management that ensures its sustainability.  We have traveled outside our region across the country to spread this message. During our travels we interview members of the industry, from harvesters to retailers, to hear their experiences with Gulf fisheries, how we can enhance the industry, and how they can get involved with our work.

4. Launch of Chef Council

chef council hi res

In October, G.U.L.F announced our formation of the G.U.L.F. Chef Council, a group of ten chefs dedicated to sourcing sustainable Gulf of Mexico seafood in their restaurants. Chaired by Chef Tenney Flynn of GW Fins, the Chef Council will partner with G.U.L.F. to act as a voice for promoting local, sustainable seafood.

5. G.U.L.F Certification Standard


Over the last two years, G.U.L.F. has been working on developing a standard that will certify Gulf of Mexico fisheries as sustainable. In December, we opened the first draft of the standard to public comment to ensure voices from the industry could be heard as we continue to move forward with this project. The first round of comments will be accepted until February 5th. Send an email to to submit your comment.

News Roundup 12/29/14

1.  Restaurant partner Meauxbar included in Gambit’s favorite restaurants of 2014.  (more)

2.  Commercial fishing workshop upcoming in Houma, LA. (more)

3.  Nova Southeastern University professor angling for invasive lionfish. (more)

News Roundup 12/19/14

1.  Presidential Task Force on Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing releases recommendations, open for public comment. (more)

2.  27 Cold-stunned sea turtles arrive at Audubon Nature Institute for treatment. (more)

3.  Louisiana opens waters closed Since oil spill in 2010. (more)

4.  Research shows minimal impact on sea turtles from shrimping industry. (more)


Sustainability Top Culinary Trend for 2015

Each year the National Restaurant Association, an organization dedicated to supporting the food-service industry, releases a report that projects the top culinary trends for the upcoming year. Environmental sustainability has been high on the list over the last couple of years, and according to the report, locally sourced meat and seafood is the hottest trend in the culinary world. Also making the Top 20 list are hyper-local sourcing, sustainable seafood, and non-traditional fish. The ten chefs on the G.U.L.F. Chef Council are also dedicated to these principals, and you can find local, sustainable, and often non-traditional fish at their restaurants.
Full 2015 Culinary Forecast

G.U.L.F. Thanks Wegmans and Woods Fisheries for Supporting MAPs

fisherman dulacG.U.L.F.’s work would not be possible without the support of the seafood industry. We are excited to announce that Wegmans, the highly successful retailer, and Wood’s Fisheries, a shrimp processor in Florida and the only shrimp aquaculture facility in the state, have signed letters of support for G.U.L.F.

Since its founding in 1916, Wegmans has been dedicated to providing the best for its customers, along with continuous improvement in its service, stores, and product, especially seafood. Since 1995, Wegmans has purchased their seafood directly from boats, supporting the local fishermen in the Northeastern U.S. In 2008, they became a founding member of the Food Marketing Institute’s Sustainable Seafood Committee, which is focused on sharing best practices to navigate through sustainability issues and topics.

Carl Salamone, Vice President of Seafood Sustainability at Wegmans says:

“We believe that our commitment to Sustainability is successful only if our partners work together to continually monitor and improve fishing communities supplying Wegmans. Working with G.U.L.F. enables us to keep our associates updated with information which in turn will be given to our customers. This is a win-win situation resulting in customer confidence as they purchase U.S. Gulf seafood.”

G.U.L.F. is grateful for Wegmans’ support and look forward to helping them promote and carry the amazing seafood the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.


2014-05-14 11.57.34-2Located in Port St. Joe, Florida and founded in 1860, Wood’s Fisheries is a shrimp processor and fifth generation family-run business focused on providing quality Wild American Shrimp to their customers. Sustainability has been a focus for Wood’s shrimp throughout the company’s history, which led to Wood’s supporting G.U.L.F.’s sustainability work in Florida and across the Gulf Coast. Like G.U.L.F., not only does Wood’s look at how catching shrimp impacts the ecosystem, but they consider how fishing for shrimp affects the people who depend on the resource for their livelihood. IN order to provide assurance of sustainability to their customers, Wood’s is actively involved in many sustainability projects and provides detailed traceability on their product through Gulf Seafood Trace.

Fins Win: Article about Scales and Ales in NOLA Defender


Photo Credit: Audubon Nature Institute


This year, Audubon Nature Institute will be celebrating the fifth year of Scales and Ales, an annual event that raises funds for Audubon’s education and conservation programs. The event features local beer and food.

This year, our partner Chef Tenney Flynn will be in the VIP tent cooking up some lionfish. In an interview with NOLA Defender, Chef Flynn said “They are one of the few invasive species that are actually quite delicious.” Whet your appetite? Come join us and party your fins off!

Full Article from NOLA Defender

Register for Scales and Ales

G.U.L.F. Discusses Restaurant Program on Fox 8

John Fallon, Project Coordinator, of G.U.L.F. was on Fox 8 this morning talking about our partnership with Tenney Flynn and the impact restaurants have on Gulf seafood.


Last week, Assistant Director Julianna Mullen and Project Coordinator John Fallon talked with TWILA TV about the G.U.L.F. program. Twila TV is a program dedicated to Louisiana agriculture. We enjoyed spending time with them and taking them through Audubon Aquarium of the Americas’ exhibit dedicated to Louisiana fisheries,  Geaux Fish! Lance Nacio of Anna Marie Shrimp also joined TWILA TV to demonstrate his use of Turtle Exclusion Devices (TEDs) and Bycatch Reduction Devices (BRDs), which minimize capture of unwanted animals in a shrimp trawl.

Research Keeps Seafood Jobs Alive

G.U.L.F. Competes in One Boat Rodeo

G.U.L.F. and Captian C.T. Williams

Last week, John Fallon and Ashford Rosenberg joined charter captain C.T. Williams on a competitive excursion into Lake Borgne.  Along with Dee Murphy, Assistant Curator of Fishes at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, the competition was hot as each person attempted to be the first to land 5 redfish. The final score was a tie between John and Dee with 3 fish each.  Watch the play-by-play below.

Audubon Nature Institute and BIGFISH Report

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